Our Mother Nature

One of the easiest ways to change one's mental state from tense to relaxed is to visualize one's self in a peaceful scene in nature. It might be a forest scene or an ocean beach, maybe a babbling brook or a mountain meadow. When we close our eyes, breathe from the belly, and see ourselves in such a place our muscles relax, our heartbeat slows and we feel a sense of peace. For such an experience click here.

Why would just imagining one's self in nature cause a significant physiological change and give us a subjective experience of peace? Perhaps it is because nature really is our mother. She is the nurturer. We speak casually of Mother Nature and we see her represented in caricature in the media, but have we ever taken this image to heart? Let's do that for a moment. Think about how nature created you and the many ways that nature supports you. Some might think of nature as a feminine aspect of the divine creator. Some might see her as a personification of the Great Spirit. Say the following with a thankful heart.

Mother Nature, you gave me life, and I thank you.
You formed the earth from the swirling dust of the cosmos, and I thank you.
You filled the low places with water and gave a home to the fishes, and I thank you.
You filled the seas and the land with plants that give us air to breathe and food to eat, and I thank you.
You placed animals among the plants. They are our brothers and sisters. For them I thank you.
You placed my ancestors among the animals and the plants and they lived off the land. For their lives and their dreams, I thank you.
You have given us wood for our houses, stone for our roads, fiber for our clothing. You gave us minerals to build our machines. You gave us the means to live in comfort, and with the tools you have given we have built walls that separate us from you.
I thank you for the comfort in which I live.
I thank you for the tools of civilization.
Grant that I may use them wisely.
Grant that I may live in your bounty.
Grant that I may remember that I am your child and that my life depends on you.
May I and those that come after me treasure you and care for you.
May your spirit fill me and guide my ways.
Let me move beyond all walls so that I may be one with you.

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© 2002 Tom Barrett