Nature Scene Meditation

Find a place and time where you can close your eyes for a few minutes and be at peace. Turn your attention inward and notice the sensations of your body. Note the rhythm of your breathing. Note the tension in your muscles. Let go of the tension. Let your breathing relax into its natural pattern.

In your mind's eye imagine that you are in a beautiful place in nature. Make it a place where you can hear the sound of water. It may be at the ocean or in a forest, in the mountains or some other place where you can feel close to nature away from your everyday cares. Somehow it is only a short walk from where you are now to this scene in nature.

Use all of your senses as you imagine yourself in this place. Listen to the sound of the water. Hear it in your mind and let its rhythm caress you. Perhaps you can hear the sound of birds as well. Listen to their call.

Feel a comfortable breeze on your skin. The air moves just enough to give your body a sense of itself in this place. The air is clean and comforting.

Feel the sun upon your body as well. The warm sun and the comfortable breeze keep you at just the right temperature.

Smell the scents of the earth. Maybe there are wildflowers or blossoming trees.

Look around you. Notice the lovely colors of this wonderful place. See the plants growing here. See the play of light upon the water.

Now that you have a sense of this place, sit or lie down on the warm dry earth. Just relax there. Take your time.

Know that this is your place. Allow it to be your refuge. No one can come here except at your bidding. But in your mind, anyone you like can join you here any time you wish. This is a place for you to get a way from worries. It is a place where your mind can be free and at rest. This is your retreat. You can come here whenever you want to leave your cares behind. It is a place for you to come back to yourself, to be who you really are. It is a place to be in touch with the earth.

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