Waves of Consciousness

“We will eventually discover that consciousness itself is a kind of energy that is integrally related to the cellular expression of the physical body.”

Richard Gerber, MD, in Vibrational Medicine

If we were made of ice, and we were told of steam, would we believe in it? We are formed of matter and matter is a condensed form of energy. E=MC2, or so we are told. Should we think of matter as frozen energy? Are we perhaps built of solidified light?

As vapor, water appears disorganized. As ice, it is crystalline. As light, energy appears relatively formless. As matter, it forms structure as subatomic particles form atoms, and atoms form elements, and elements form us.

Water, in its liquid state, is free flowing, but as it flows around an obstacle, it creates standing waves. The turbulence there is persistent and predictable as long as the flow persists and the obstacle remains. Maybe our material forms are like that. We are energy flowing in persistent patterns. We are complex patterns of waveforms.

Assume that your consciousness affects the flow of energy in and around your body. Imagine then that your attention takes the form of a harmonizing waveform. Like an ocean wave rolling onto a beach smoothes the sand, your mind will smooth away any sense off disharmony in your body/mind matrix.

Direct your attention to an area a few inches above the crown of your head. Imagine a coherent wave of mental energy forming there. This wave will begin to flow gradually downward as your mind scans down from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. As you slowly scan with your conscious mind, your conscious and unconscious mind smoothes out any rough spots. Any areas of mental, emotional or physical disharmony are soothed, eased, released. Like a light shining eliminates darkness, your focused attention, eliminates dis-ease, disharmony, and non-consciousness. Allow this wave-like attention to rest in each centimeter of your body from top to bottom. When you feel you have imaged a slice of your body, move on to the next. If you go slowly, this may take many minutes. If you go more quickly, return to the top of your head and scan again or scan up from your feet to the top of your head. As waves caress the beach over and over, you can let your mind caress your body over and over.

Scanning with mental energy, your imagination creates a wave of consciousness flowing across the surface and through to the core of your body/mind. Let this mind energy bring coherence. Let it restore harmonious functioning, which is the natural state of your body. Where there is tension, invite relaxation. Where there is fear, invite confidence. Where there is pain, invite peace. Relax and allow the vibrations of consciousness to soothe unhealthy turbulence and enhance the flow of life energy.

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