In Times of Change

In times of dramatic change, remember that not changing was never an option. Change is inevitable. Nothing is truly permanent.

The way of nature is that things are created and things are destroyed. That which is unbalanced will fall. When something falls, something else will rise.

When your external supports are threatened is a good time to refocus on your internal supports.

When you experience fear from external events, check your perspective.

Do what you can to protect yourself and fix what needs fixing. It is empowering to direct your attention to that which you can influence. It is disempowering to focus on that which you can’t change.

Observe your mental activity. Witness the ego action that is generating fear. When no action is immediately necessary, slip out of ego into a broader view.

Separateness is an illusion.

Scan the horizon for opportunities to engage a new paradigm. When change is inevitable, don’t cling to old behaviors; get with the new program.

Pray that we may be wise and that the leaders we choose may act wisely as well.

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© 2008 Tom Barrett