A Rain of Peace and Goodness

"Energy is Eternal Delight."

William Blake

Here is a visualization for times of low energy:

Sit down and get comfortable. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Exhale fully and allow the inhalation to come on its own. Remind yourself to relax your muscles. Scan your body for tension and invite your muscles to let it go. Drop your attachment to your thoughts as if they were attracted by an electromagnet and the power is turned off. Thoughts are now free to drift off and new one’s have no pull on you. They too can be on their way. They are none of your business and hold no power over you at the moment.

Now imagine all of the positive energy in the universe raining down upon you. All the goodness, kindness, love, compassion, beauty and wisdom are flowing to you. These good things fall upon you like a warm and gentle rain. They soothe you and empower you and they fill you up.

This flow of goodness is powerful, but only as powerful as want it to be. You find this drenching in love, beauty and wisdom comforting, invigorating and perfectly safe. You feel the goodness and the peace.

You know that you have an infinite supply of love and goodness to draw upon and it gives you strength. When you accept this grace, you also generate it. So you are not depleting the universal supply, but adding to it.

As this goodness rains upon you, it cleanses your mind, lightens your emotions and nourishes every cell of your body.  As you breathe in these multiple forms of good energy, all the systems of your body are harmonized and energized. Your breathing is calm and your blood flows as if purified and fortified. Your immune system knows what it must do to keep you in perfect health. Energy flows to you and through you. You are ready to act with effect when the time is right, but at this moment, you are at peace. You are open to joy.  You are connected.  

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