Being Of The Light

Sit very still.

Let your head and spine be drawn to an erect posture like a flower is drawn toward the sun. You are drawn to a body position that lets your energy flow up and down your spine like sap in a plant stem. Your fully extended blooming position is natural, comfortable, persistent. Your attraction to the light in the sky, which you imagine to be directly overhead, is unwavering, as a bloom’s attraction to the sun is unwavering.

Your breathing becomes calm, yet full. The cells of  your body desire to be fed oxygen, and your lungs desire to collect it. The flowing in and the flowing out of air takes on a gentle unrushed, unstrained character. After breathing quietly for a while, you may notice the space between breaths grows longer. Attend to that silent moment between breaths. Nothing is required of you then, but to wait for the next breath, which will come on its own without intervention. Let your lungs breathe themselves.

Imagine the great light in the sky directly overhead. Imagine it shining down upon you—the brilliant life giving light entering your body through the top of your skull and filling you up from crown to toe.

This light, so necessary for life, shines on every part of you. It is as if you are transparent. It fills every finger and toe, every fold, every joint. It shines in and through your arms and legs. It illuminates your shoulders and hips. Your spine becomes like a cord of bright energy, and from that cord, light flows into each of your organs. Your organs glow warm in their natural colors. The energy of light and love empowers them. They serve you as they are intended to do, each fulfilling its function effortlessly, lovingly. Old restrictions from obsolete emotions fall away in the light. Each cell in your body, each organ, desires to do what it was created to do. The light penetrates fear and ignorance and burns them away like a morning mist in the sun. Healing light pours into the marrow of your bones, where white blood cells grow. They are ready to protect this body. They are empowered to go where they are needed, to take care of any trouble that might arise. Your body lives because each part plays in harmony with each other part. That is its nature, and it is your will to fulfill that harmonious flow.

This body of yours, now full of light, shines out into the world. The life force is powerful. It wants to live. It wants to touch the world in wonderful ways. It is clear to you now that this light that fills you and that shines out from you is love. Each cell in your body loves all the others. Playing, dancing, growing and dying together they express life and life’s driving purpose—love.

Imagine the bright luminescence of life and love shining out from you illuminating the lives of each being you encounter. Your love touches them, enlightens them, as one burning candle lights another. Nothing is lost in the transaction. Light and love pass between you and the rest of creation pushing back the darkness, growing compassion, honesty, and trust.

You sit in this place illumined by love. You feel your life force flowing. As you rise and move about, take the light with you.  Remember it shining through you and from you. Remember the source. Be the source.

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© 2002 Tom Barrett