Healing Visualization

“Few people can fail to generate a self-healing process when they become genuinely involved in healing others.”
Theodore I. Rubin

When someone is ill, we as compassionate beings hope for them to be healed. In the face of illness, even those who don’t usually pray will find themselves praying. Even if our reason can make no sense of it, we may feel an urge to send our good wishes toward the sick. Through the ages, healers have healed with touch, prayer, mysterious forms of energy transfer and in other ways described as miraculous. Today many forms of non-traditional healing are known and are even used in hospitals.

If one can believe that thought affects physiology and that thought can create effects beyond the confines of the thinker’s own body, then using thought to assist another to heal becomes reasonable. Skeptics will remain skeptical, but for those who can believe, healing can be a form of spiritual practice and a way to grow in compassion.

The following is an exercise in healing using basic concepts you may find among healers:

Center yourself.

Take some deeper breaths.

Be aware of your fears and seek to replace them with compassion and hope.

Ask for divine assistance according to your beliefs.

Visualize the person who is ill.

Ask their permission to assist in their healing. If they are unavailable to ask directly, ask telepathically directing your inquiry to their higher self. If you sense an affirmative response, proceed.

See in your mind a healing light around the person and especially around the body part of concern. Visualize healing life force penetrating to the cellular level down to the DNA.

Use your hands to assist in directing your mental imagery. For instance, while visualizing the person in front of you, imagine your hands radiating the healing light towards the body parts of concern.

Affirm that healing is possible. Affirm that even apparently miraculous healing is possible.

Visualize the person healing and healed. In your mind, see health rather than illness.

Give thanks for the medical treaters and other caregivers involved.

Before finishing, again center yourself and release any attachment to fear, pain, disease or other negative influence that might affect you.


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© 2003 Tom Barrett