What Is Your Frequency?

In a big city, people live at different altitudes. Some spend most of their time at ground level, some spend a good deal of their time in the subway, and others live or work high above the ground in skyscrapers. Many will move through that range of elevation daily. Each becomes used to the altitude where they spend time and after a short time that altitude feels normal.  The office worker at the 60th floor thinks nothing of being way up there and the subway worker is used to being below ground most of the day.

It is that way with our energy vibration levels too. We can potentially experience a wide range of consciousness, and we tend to get used to the range where we spend time. We may miss out on the highs and lows, or we may get stuck in one level or another.

We are composed of vibrating energy. The atoms that form our body are vibrating energy. Our emotions can be perceived as varying vibratory events, and consciousness has it’s vibratory qualities.

Think about how we respond to music. Some of it is uplifting and energizing. Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” is a good example of this. The tempo is rather fast and the spectrum of notes tends toward the high end. In contrast, Stravinsky’s  dirge-like “Song of the Volga Boatmen” features a very slow tempo and low notes that make you feel heavy and oppressed. Our emotions and mental energy tend to match the music we hear, which is probably why we listen to it in the first place.

When we tune in to the vibrational levels of our consciousness, we may notice that when we are tired, sad or angry, we are in the lower frequencies, and when we are feeling grateful, joyful or intellectually excited, we are in the higher frequencies. Creative energies will be higher and depressed moods will be at  lower frequencies.

When a person is depressed, their vibrational level is very low. Their emotions tend to be low or flat, their thoughts run slower, creativity is difficult, and it is hard to imagine being any other way. When one is in a creative flow experience, in love, or in a powerful spiritual state, the energy level is high, thoughts move more quickly and perhaps more profoundly, and emotion is lighter feeling even if it is deep and broad.

We may not pay much attention to our vibrational levels. Nobody said we should or taught us how to. But we may put a lot of energy into changing them without knowing that’s what we are doing. TV, movies, music, drugs, alcohol, food, pets, sex, dance, conversation, worship, exercise, and  art all alter our vibrational frequencies, whether we are aware of it or not.

We can get stuck in a narrow bandwidth habitually, or we can find ourselves occupying a frequency that is out of harmony with our circumstances, which leaves us ineffectual and frustrated. But if we learn to push our energy up or bring it down according to our needs, we can be more congruent and more effective.

Let’s say you’ve had a hard day at work, a rough commute, and when you get home, you have to take your child to their music recital, but your energy level feels like it is down around your ankles. You are tired, stressed out and feeling short-tempered. If you know how to work with your life energy, you can bring your frequency up so that it matches the anxious/excited little one, bring them down to a comfortable emotional range, and you can keep your heart open to the emotional and creative experience that is to come.

Or let’s say you are in a crowd in a chaotic and perhaps dangerous situation. While everybody else’s energy is running high and confused, it might be helpful to be able to bring yours down, so that you are calm, grounded, and responding more slowly and mindfully.


In order to become aware of your vibrational levels, you need to attain some level of mental quiet. Stop talking. Halt the mental chatter. Breathe. Relax.

Place your attention several inches behind your eyes. Then let it drop down to your heart. Get used to centering your consciousness in the area of your heart. Feel the energy there. Don’t intentionally create  visual images there, but be aware if any come to mind.

If your energy frequency was like music, your heart center could be middle C. You don’t need to be working from there all the time, but it is a good place to keep in touch with. You can use it as a reference point.  Go there when you want to make emotional contact with others.

Allow your consciousness of your life energy vibration to move downward. As you center your consciousness at points lower down your spinal column, you may sense a deepening of the tone. Think bass notes rather than treble. The sounds large animals make rather than those that birds and mice make.

Focus your attention at your solar plexus. This is an important energy center and a big nervous system crossroads. It is the center of your being.  This is a good place to collect your power.

Place your attention at what the Japanese call the hara, a place three finger widths below your navel and two finger widths in.  This is your physical balance point. When moving your body, this is the place from which to be centered. With your awareness at the hara, you can feel grounded, calm, empowered, capable of engaging the physical world and of manifesting your thoughts. 

Drop your focus yet farther to the base of your spine. Down here is your root chakra. Sense the lower vibration here and connect it with the earth. When glaciers move, or the earth quakes, the vibration is a long wave mostly unheard by humans. Sync with the long wave energy of the earth. Feel your connections. Feel the power of earth energy flowing to you. 

Now, if you are feeling  grounded, bring the focus of your attention up higher. Touch base with your heart energy again. Then move your focus to your throat. Sense any constriction or congestion that may live there. Intend for that to be released so that your exchange of air and voice with the outer world is free and clear.

Shift attention again to the area behind your eyes. Your energy frequencies here runs higher, and as you tune in, you may become more open to new ideas, creativity, psychic perception and spiritual awareness.

Keep going higher. Attend to the area at the crown of your skull. Here, if the vibration were sound, it would be quite high pitched and if it were light, it would be very bright. Consider that this crown chakra could be your connecting point with higher consciousness. You can imagine energy flowing from the cosmos to you through this portal and mental, spiritual and psychic energy flowing from you into the universe.  When you pray or seek inspiration, your antennae may be up from your crown listening for the subtler messages.

Then, once you are sensitive to the whole range of vibrations, from the lower earth rumblings to the higher frequency jostling of photons, spread your consciousness to all of your energy centers, hold it there or scan through the range of vibrations and just be in the ocean of intersecting waves of energy.

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