Thought Drifts on a Winter Day

Mind is like a snow globe.
Thoughts swirl like snowflakes.
How to make them still?
Stop shaking the globe.

Peace comes when we are still.
They say we use a fraction of our brain.
Yet we work small parts of it too hard.
Thinking sounds like a good idea,
But the repetition grinds us down.
When you think a thought, ask yourself,
“How many times have I thought that?”
You may not get a number, but
You may see a pattern.
If we keep thinking the same things time and again,
Maybe we should stop.
Leave off thinking for a while.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Do nothing.
Abstain from following thoughts.
Let them be on their way,
Don’t tag along.
Stop shaking the globe.

Peace on Earth.

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© 2003 Tom Barrett