Flowing Body/Mind Energy: A Chakra Meditation

“The body and the mind are so closely connected that not even a single word or thought can come into existence without being reflected in the personality and health of the individual.”
John Prentiss

Before the microscope, it was impossible to understand the nature of microbes. Being invisible, their existence could be denied. After the microscope, there was little point in arguing that germs didn’t exist. People tend to disbelieve in things they can’t see, but once they perceive them, disbelief evaporates and certainty takes over. It is that way with the subtle energies of the body/mind. Some people will argue that there is no such thing as the bioenergy that goes by names like chi, ki, kundalini or prana. They will say that chakras, the focal points for that energy in the body, are imaginary. Once they have perceived that energy, however, the argument becomes moot.

The following meditation is intended to assist you in perceiving and balancing subtle bioenergy in your body. The visualization process activates the flow of energy. When you feel it in your body, the question of whether it exists fades away.

Begin by finding a comfortable position in which your spine can be aligned. You can sit, stand or lie down. Relax yourself with a few deep breaths exhaled slowly. Notice anywhere that you have muscle tension. Invite those muscles to relax. As you proceed, you may notice some trembling or jerking movements in your body as your energy flows through you. Don’t be concerned about that, just relax and take it as a sign that you are opening up the channels.

Visualize light energy from above entering the top of your skull and filling you up. Allow this light entering your crown chakra to heighten your awareness. Allow it to cleanse your mind of distracting thoughts. Let it help you maintain your focus through the rest of the meditation.

See this light energy swirling down the length of your spine, and visualize it passing down from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. It goes through the floor, down through the crust of the earth to the very center of the planet. Feel yourself connected to the earth. Feel yourself grounded. You belong here on this earth and the energy from above flows through you to this great and precious planet. It flows back to you from the earth as well. The earth supports you. It energizes and nurtures you.

Now begin to visualize each of the chakras in turn, beginning with the first chakra at the base of your spine. This is often called the base chakra or root chakra. Imagine a ball of swirling energy there. Notice what color it is. Notice also any reluctance you may have to focusing on this area. Release any negativity or resistance to accepting awareness of this part of your body. You may have been taught to feel shame or anxiety about parts of your body related to elimination and sexuality. If so, welcome your root chakra area back into your consciousness. Bring it into the light of healing energy. Honor this energy center that connects you with your legs and with the earth. Tensing the muscles that you would use to stop urinating may help you feel the energy in this area. Shine the light of awareness as long as necessary to feel the life force at the base of your spine.

When you are ready, direct your awareness to the second chakra, the sacral chakra. This is a couple of inches below your navel. Without completely losing awareness of your root chakra, focus attention on this center of sexual and emotional energy. This is your center of balance. Again, check for any negative thoughts or beliefs related to awareness of this area. Imagine that aversion or unconsciousness dissipating like a shadow illuminated. Fill your sacral chakra with energy. Again notice what color this chakra may bring to mind.

Continue drawing your consciousness upward and focus on your third chakra at your solar plexus. Named after the sun, imagine this ball of energy shining brightly. This is the chakra associated with will and power. Notice its color. Sense the energy flowing and release any blocks to feeling your personal power. Feel the energy in your solar plexus enlivening you.

Now place your awareness in your heart chakra. This fourth chakra is in the center of your chest. Grant yourself permission to release any anger or other negative emotion toward others that may block the flow of loving energy in the area of your heart. Opening the heart chakra assists in the experience of love and compassion. Feel the pulsing of your heart. Enjoy the warm flow of the life force in your breast. What color do you sense there?

Move your attention up to your throat chakra. This fifth chakra is a ball of energy behind your Adam’s apple. You breathe and communicate through this narrow point in your body. Check for any blockages that may be stifling your ability to breathe or to express yourself. Notice the color of the light in this area. Draw the light up from your lower chakras and down from above until this chakra glows brightly.

Next, focus on the sixth chakra. It is often referred to as the third eye. This area behind your brow in the middle of your skull is related to perception, creativity and psychic abilities. Give it your attention and fill it up with bright light. Let that light shine out your eyes and ears, nose and mouth. Let it connect with all the other chakra lights that are now glowing brightly and let it shine through every cell in your body. Let this light enlighten every cell down to the level of DNA. Let the secrets and dark emotions that constrict your emotional life fall away, and let the sluggishness and body toxins that keep you from feeling your best dissipate into nothingness.

Now complete the circuit by moving your attention again to your crown chakra. This seventh chakra is your connection with wisdom, understanding, and higher spiritual life. Open up your mind. Let energy from the universal spirit flow into you at the place where you had a soft spot as a baby. Let the powerful energy you have begun to feel in your body/mind mix with that ultimate energy from above. Energy now flows into you and out of you in a perfect balance. All of your body systems are enriched by the flow.

Spend as long as you want drawing in and balancing the energy in your body. Practice opening up the channels. With practice, you can become more alert to energy blockages that may keep you from feeling and performing at your best. Learn to energize your body/mind at will by visualizing the energy flowing in and through your chakras. When you feel run down or ill, use this imagery to increase your flow of energy.

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© 2001 Tom Barrett