A Body Of Information

If you are paying attention, when things are in order you know it. When they are not, you know it too. When the car engine sounds rough or the bike gears are clanking, or the washing machine is shaking its way across the floor, you know something is not as it should be. When your body gives you pain or fluids are running from places they should not be, you know there is a problem.

When we are healthy, we don’t cough or sneeze too much and we feel alright. That’s the way it is supposed to be. The system is working. The body is doing what bodies are meant to do.  We have an idea of what health should be, like we have an idea that machines should run smoothly without erratic vibrations.

Our DNA is a code that life uses to form our bodies, but before our personal DNA formed there was an idea, a thought form, an archetype that suggested how a human body should be. We know a perfect body when we see it. People travel  to Florence to see Michelangelo’s statue of David, because it approximates perfection in the human form. It is a stone reference for perfection, and to see that is thrilling. We resonate with the thought that Michelangelo was able to manifest in stone.

Perfection is the natural way of things. When we are healthy, we approximate it. When we are ill, our system has deviated from the ideal.

As a living system, our body is an intelligent informational system. If we are alive, it is mostly working as planned. When there is a problem, we can respond emotionally, perhaps in fear or anger, or we can address the problem as an information problem that can be corrected.

If your computer gets a virus, you run a virus scanning program to correct it. You don’t know how it works, but you run it anyway. We might take the same approach with our bodies. And like a virus scan, we might want to run the scan before there is a problem.

Visualize your body as the representation of an idea. As a building or a machine has a blueprint, your body has an archetypal plan. Every organ, every cell, every molecule and every atom has a function or potential function.

See in your mind, a holographic light image of your body as it is supposed to be. This light body is a body of information.  It is the idea—the consciousness, that informs the body, just as before there is a statue,  painting, poem or program there is an idea that directs the sculptor, painter, writer or programmer.  See this ideal image of your body with all parts working, all systems operating efficiently.

From this idea, this ideal, your DNA makes you piece by piece. DNA is a code. It is information in action or in potential. See yourself as enlivened information and realize that information can be altered by conscious action. Acknowledge the perfection of the design and seek to align your mind with the ideal. 

Scan your visualization of your body with the intention of correcting any errors. Affirm the healthy functioning  of the system and intend that your physical body align with the perfect idea of your body.

Remove any malicious mental programming that undermines your good health. Release any emotional distortions that interfere with the beautiful, harmonious, healthy operation of your physical being. Allow any family patterns or karmic disturbances to dissolve in the light of the excellent design that is your potential self.

Enhance the smooth operation of your body/mind system by affirming your intention to take care of your body and mind by intelligently managing your self-care.

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© 2008 Tom Barrett