"When you have found inner peace, you are in constant contact with the source of universal energy and cannot be tired. . . You have endless energy."
Peace Pilgrim
If you place a piece of iron in contact with a magnet, the iron will become magnetized. If you place a dry sponge in contact with a wet sponge, the dry sponge will become moist. If you place the hands of a person who is highly energized on a person who is depleted of energy, the energy of the depleted person can be raised.

The world is constructed of energy. Matter is merely energy in a more stable state. Human bodies are matter enlivened by flowing energy. When we die, the energy in our body has stopped flowing. While we are alive, it circulates. The lungs pump oxygen into the blood. The heart pumps the blood that carries the oxygen to the cells. The nerves send messages through the system in the form of electrical impulses. Without oxygen a fire won’t burn, and without oxygen the cells can’t burn nutrients to release their energy. An alive body is warm, it is electric, and it is filled with fluid and energetic motion, even when the muscles are at rest.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all seek a high enough energy level. It feels good to be energized. If we allow our energy to run low, maybe through stress, not sleeping enough, poor nutrition, or alcohol and drug use, we feel weak and dull, so we drink caffeine or use other stimulants to bring up our energy. Unfortunately, stimulants move the energy around without increasing the supply and we wind up feeling depleted again sooner or later.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to increase our own supply of energy and be able to share it with others? Sure it would. Let’s do it. Here’s the deal. What you need to do to increase your own energy are probably things that you already know about. You just need to do them—consistently.

  1. Drink more water. How hard can that be? Stay hydrated so your innards are juicy and the chemicals they use have a medium to flow in.
  2. Eat foods your body can gradually turn to the glucose that fuels the cells. Sugary and highly processed foods are likely to cause your blood sugar level to rise and fall abruptly. With it will go your mood and your alertness. Eat foods that are closer to their natural state, and don’t skip meals.
  3. Keep your body loose. Stretch your muscles. Unless you are preparing for a sprint this doesn’t have to be athletic stretching. Just get in the habit of moving your joints and elongating your muscles. Stretch like a cat. Rock your head. Loosen up your hips. Do the hula or some reasonable facsimile. Just dance a little. Play with it. Here’s a thought—have a massage.
  4. Observe where you hold your tension and send energy there. More about that in a minute.
  5. Center yourself. Clear your mind. Learn to calm yourself. Meditate.
  6. Imagine you are drawing in energy from the universe. Visualize energy flowing to you.
  7. Breathe--slowly, deeply, with awareness and intention to energize yourself.
  8. Get right with other people. If you have conflict or dishonesty with people in your life, your energy will either be dammed up to conserve it or it will be draining out of you like a sink with a bad plug.
  9. Ground yourself spiritually. Increase your connection with the divine, whatever that might mean for you. If you can open to the energy of the ultimate ground of being, God if you like that name for it, you will have more energy than you ever need and will be able to spread it around.
Now let’s look at the energy in your hands. You hands are amazing biological structures. They consist of many bones and many muscles. They are extremely sensitive to touch and are able to move in a more complex fashion than any comparable appendage in the animal world. To be so sensitive and mobile they need abundant nerve endings and blood vessels. Where you have blood flow, you have heat. Where you have nerve activity you have electricity. The blood supply connects your hands and your heart. The nervous system connects your hands powerfully with your brain. With intention and practice it isn’t so hard to learn to direct energy to your hands. With a biofeedback machine just about anybody can quickly learn to warm up their hands just by thinking about it, but the machine isn’t necessary.

To feel energy in your hands, shake them. For twenty seconds or so loosen up your wrists and shake your hands in the air as if you were shaking water off your fingers. Yes, you look funny, but that’s not important right now. Feel the tingling and warmth. Now hold your palms an inch or so apart, as if you were about to put them together to pray. See if you can sense the energy between your palms. You may sense warmth or a subtle pressure between your hands. Some people may even see color or a subtle visual distortion between the hands. If you don’t see anything, don’t worry about it. Just seek to be perceptive of energy in whatever way opens up for you.

Biological energy is transferable. If you place your highly energized hands on a part of your or someone else’s body, the energy in your hands will tend to energize and harmonize the biological system being touched. Try this. Place your hands on your upper trapezius muscles. These are the muscles where your shoulders meet the back of your neck. Hold your hands there, one hand on either shoulder for about two minutes. Let the energy flow from your hands to your shoulders and neck. Keep breathing. Relax and focus your mental energy through your hands into your neck and shoulder area.

Now place the heals of your hands together and cradle the front of your neck with your hands. In this position, your little fingers should be on or near your jaw. Again, breathe, relax, and focus your mental energy. Hold this position for two minutes and check how you feel.

You can support any part of your body in this way. Place your hands with fingers together and your thumb next to the fingers on any part of the body that needs healing/energy. Send your pure consciousness to that area and see in your mind the results you seek. In the same way, you can channel energy to someone else who needs it. Just be careful to keep your own energy open, positive and flowing. Keep your intention clear. Extend loving kindness to the other person through your hands which may either touch the other person’s body or be held a few inches away from it.

If you are interested in working more deeply with energy, find a teacher and study a system of practice for working in energy. Some of the many areas to explore include:

Qi Gong
Any of several martial arts, including Tai Chi, and Aikido

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