Truth, Love and Consequences

“The willingness to harm or hurt comes ultimately out of fear. Non-harming requires that you see your own fears and that you understand them and own them. Owning them means taking responsibility for them. Taking responsibility means not letting fear completely dictate your vision or your view. Only mindfulness of our own clinging and rejecting and a willingness to grapple with these mind states, however painful the encounter, can free us from this circle of suffering.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

Fear, anger, hatred, vengeance all lead to suffering that leads to more suffering, that leads to yet more suffering in an endless circle. A few humans have understood this through the ages, Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, and King sought a different way to live, a different way to achieve social justice. The cost of living by their ideals is great, but by doing so we may lose delusion, confusion, and illusion. In place of humiliation, we might find the power of true humility. In place of futility we might find resolution. In place of vengeance we may find our true humanity. In our dedication to Truth and Love we may find our Soul.

What would life be like if we dedicated ourselves to Truth and Love?

If we truly loved without limits, would we be able to intentionally harm others?

If we were dedicated to Truth, would we not act responsibly?

If we acted fully responsibly, would we not be able to change the world?

If we showed kindness to others, consistently, persistently, would others want to hurt us?

If we gave up our delusions of self-righteousness and understood the Truth about ourselves, both the good and the bad, would we not be humbled?

If we were willing even to give up our lives for Truth, could we be ruled by fear?

If we were not fearful, would we let anger lead us away from Love?

If we were dedicated to the Truth, would we not make every effort to understand the hearts of those that oppose us?

If we understood those that would do us harm, would we be in a better position to deal with their behavior?

If we showed them only love, would they ultimately be disarmed?

What would our lives be like if we consciously chose to do as little damage to other living beings as possible?


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