The Kingdom of Love

Before you proceed with this meditation, take a few moments to prepare yourself. Place yourself in a comfortable upright position. To allow your energy to flow freely, your spine should be erect. It may help to think of your spine as a column of golden coins stacked one upon another. Allow your breathing to flow easily and evenly. Gradually allow it to deepen and become slower. Let your muscles relax from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Let go of your random thoughts and spend a few quiet moments contemplating the following thoughts.

It is written that the Kingdom of God is within, but what if you could see the Kingdom of Pure Love on a map? What would it look like? Would there be borders? If there were, where would the borders be? Might they be changing constantly in response to the state of mind of the citizens of the Kingdom? Might they surround individuals and clusters of people for some moments and then shift as the thoughts and emotions of those people changed?

Imagine now that you are looking at a large map and you can see flowing beautiful color wherever a person loves God, loves life, loves another, does a kindness with a pure heart, or shares beauty with another.

Where are you on the map?
What colors do you see surrounding you?

In your mind can you see those colors brightening, expanding?

Continue to breathe freely and to relax your body.

Let go of negativity, fear, hate, or any other destructive thought or emotion and feel the joy of pure love in your heart. Feel the many connections you have with others and imagine a flow of pure colorful light flowing between you and those whom you encounter in your daily life.

Know that your love, your compassion, your kindness spreads over the map of the Kingdom flowing to places you cannot see, that you will never know. In the same way, see and feel the love other people have let loose in the world. Good people live nearby. They extend their joy, their compassion into the world for you to receive. Be open to connection. Be free to receive love, not for what you do, but because you are deserving. Because whether you recognize it or not, there are those who extend their love to you and wish you well.

Allow the light of all that is good and beautiful to grow in your heart. See it pulsing, growing, spreading outside of you, reaching out to the world.

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© 2004 Tom Barrett